Banking Law

We represent and advise Lenders and Borrowers on all elements of residential and commercial lending and corporate debt and equity financing including as follows: 

  • Reviewing and advising on Facility Letters and all ancillary security documents in respect of mortgages pertaining to residential property;
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and advising on the terms and covenants in Facility Letters, Debentures, Guarantees, Indemnities, Share Charges and all ancillary security related documentation pertaining to all corporate and asset-based lending and borrowing;
  • Advising Companies, Investors/Shareholders on debt and equity financing, drafting, review and negotiation of relevant legal instruments pertaining thereto;
  • Taking security on behalf of Lenders, perfection of Security, ensuring all stamp duty filings, registration filings and CRO filings are made within the timeframes permitted.

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